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In Germany a driving licence will be withdrawn by having 8 points

Fahreignungseminar FES:

Please take notice, that you can only reduce your points if you have not more then 1-5 points. Then you can lose 1 point.

Fahrschule Krieger offers you the point reduction course also in english

pedagogical part:

  • individual seminar: 290 Euro
  • group seminar (2-6 participants): 250 Euro


Individual seminars are always at every time available. Contact us for more information (very flexible!).

For the other part of the points reduction we recommend you the following psychologists:

Mr. Fritz Becker: www.fritz-becker.de

Ms. Birgit Scheucher: www.mpu-praxis-muenchen.de

Ms.Ingrid Böhm: www.praxis-boehm.de

Mr. Dr. Matthias Junker: www.sicher-am-steuer.de